Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taste of New Zealand at Melt

So we went for a tasting menu which included 5 meal course for only 30 $ and for 20 $ extra you get wine pairing for each dish
The food and wine were from New Zealand
1..butternut squash soup with pine nuts snapper with tomatoes ,olives,capers and fennel
3.lamb burgers with quail eggs and beet relish
4.venison with polenta
5 Pavlova
What can i say.... Delicious and for such a great price!!!
My favourite was the burger and the venison,though everything was so good!The snapper and the soup were very tasty and flavourful
And when we stepped in ,the restaurant just got A from the health inspector .So  far it is the greatest place to have a meal and the safest one!!!

Highly recommend Melt as a nice place for a  great meal,and for those who don't know it -the executive chef is Mark Simmons,a great chef as we 've tasted a lot of his culinary creations and leave Melt every time very satisfied and always looking forward to come back

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