Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dinner at Melt

I would like to introduce you to a very nice restaurant with great food,and with a very friendly and talented  executive chef -Mark Simmons,former Top Chef contestant .I went to Melt after a business meeting with chef Mark and being very curious to try some of his dishes.So i did!!!And i wasn't disappointed(not that i was waiting to be)
We had a delicious dinner for 2 including appetizer,main course ,desert and drinks.And as it was 10/10/10 the entrees were 10$ which was a bargain!!!So check there website for specials
Must say the stuff was very friendly and nice.
So i am posting some pictures of our dinner with some comments and recommend you to check it out!

So as you can see we had:
oysters with champagne mignonette -delicious!!!
Then we had fish:Salmon and red snapper.I really enjoyed the cucumber -strawberry and juliened green apple served with salmon.Great combination.I will use it my cooking too:)
My vegetarian friend,Deni enjoyed her red snapper
The drinks were very good too
Desert was yummy!I had the one called Pavlova which was a little bit too sweet to my taste as i dont really eat sweets but i loved the texture and the berries on the top,believe me my plate was empty!!!
Deni had Panna cotta is it was so light( a little bit tangy,my ideal dessert) that you have the feeling you can have 10 pieces!!!
Another thing i liked about the restaurant -open kitchen,you can see how the food is cooked.
The design  is modern and it is a great place for a date in my opinion
Thank you Melt and chef Mark.Deffinetly will be back!

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